Friday, September 28, 2012


There things i consider to be highly private affairs , i hate it when am at a perfect restaurant trying to speak a food language and somebody stares at me.Eating is among my private affair thing..
Am well known of loving fish ,as i am on tour in a small town called Kigoma which happens to be my hometown too ,i was introduced to a fish called Mgebuka..
I had to go down to the lake and get my own Migebuka yesterday ,trying to prepare this tasty fish might be a hard task but would definitely say worth the preparations..
Let me set the scene for you. After downing a few pints and a few inappropriate amorous jokes with Mama Juma the fish seller she finally prepares the fish and she asked me if i wanted it choma or fried ...i decided to try mama Juma starts preparing it while my salivary glands over work.
I tell you after applying a little lemon on my well prepared Migebuka ,i could barely talk to any one that tried to start a conversation.Mama juma stared at me and i could tell her face expression ,she was wondering if i even prayed ,but sorry enough she didn't know praying is also one of my private matter.
Migebuka is a blessed fish with soft bones and tasty ,it has been among a major source of income in Kigoma,every time you visit Kigoma never hesitate to ask for this Fish..

Kigoma people have a say that,"Kula migebuka umeguke".

More about Kigoma Coming soon..


  1. Migebuka - no fish compares in taste... this is the best fish on earth ... would you happen to know the english name for it?

    1. The name is Lattes stapes which is the only name i know which furthermore its scientific..i will keep you posted

    2. Lates stappersii, the Sleek lates

  2. Have been eating Migebuka daily for 3 days now in Sumbawanga Tanzania, glad to know the latin name! Delicious

  3. Hello

    I also like Mgebuka, I was served Mgebuka in Songea in 2010

    As I am planning a trip to Kigoma and u say it is your hometown
    please do u know if the train from Dar is active
    I hear it is a new train

    Mti, Israel

  4. I read online that the English name is nile perch. Thanks for a great blog entry.

  5. Msongo, you actually took my photos for your story. Not cool.