Tuesday, July 15, 2014


             Being born a girl in our African society you ought to be defined in three perspectives. One as a source of income  to your parents due to your bride price, two as a burden in terms of schooling since at the end you are just going to be a wife at home and three a hopeless calf in the middle of hungry lions in matters of facing the world since there are so many bad men out there ready to destroy and jeopardize your future.

            Back to your parents. You as girls have you ever felt the need to speak out and let your parents know about your opinions? Let us talk about your carrier, there comes a time when you want to take a certain carrier in your life but your parents tend to control your will power or they don't think it is the kind of carrier they want for you. Do you have a talent which you want to give it your all  but you cant since your parents think it is absurd  for you to follow your talent?

            There comes a time when you feel like you have had enough of your parents control on your decisions. You are tired of lying to yourself and that you want to emerge your inner self from its hiding place. But then you are afraid what if you fall, what if you fail, is there anybody who is going to give you a hand or even tell you "don't give up" or will there be anybody who will praise you and say at "least you tried". Instead your parents are going to stand out and say "we told you, you brought disgrace to our family", that you are nobody but a failure and a looser.

           I write this to tell you that it is time to fight for what you believe in. Make your parents trust that you can make them proud no matter what carrier you take or what dreams you have for yourself. It is time for a positive change let your inner make the path for your success. 

If they made it, we made it, i made you, then you can make it... Mercy Gabriel


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