Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jennifer Hudson Takes In A Roller Coaster Ride After Brother-In-Law Convicted Of Family Murders

J Hud is about that roller coaster Life!
This past weekend, Jennifer Hudson and her fiance David Otunga visited Six Flags Great America in Chicago to relax and release after her brother-in-law William Balfour was convicted of killing her mother, brother and nephew in court.  On Friday, William was found guilty on all counts of murder as well as home invasion, armed robbery and kidnapping and faces mandatory life in prison. Jennifer broke down as the verdict was read, however, she was able to get some smiles in the next day at the theme park.  A family friend tells The Chicago Times:
Going to Great America was a great idea — a way for Jennifer, her sister and [fiancĂ©] David [Otunga ] to blow off some steam and release the horrible tension they’ve been dealing with for so many months.
They also added that J hud and David are looking forward to putting the trial behind them and planning their wedding and future:
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