Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Brother Stargame Update: Maneta survives eviction, Liberia and Sierra Leone up for eviction

The first eviction show on Big Brother Stargame witnessed some unexpected twists as all nominated housemates from last week’s random nomination in the Downvile House were evicted from Downvile.
Zimbabwe’s pair of Teclar and Maneta was first to be asked to leave the house. Their fellow Housemates did not seem too gutted about the news and proclaimed “There are now 26 of us, more food for us..more drinks”. Maneta simply made a dramatic beeline for the Eviction doors, telling Julio not to touch her, as he reached for a hug. She was quick to leave the house while her partner took her time to bid her farewells and to beat Big Brother’s countdown.  Teclar told host, IK that she didn’t want to talk but when asked if she had a thing for Seydou she was quick to explain that she didn’t have any romantic feelings for Seydou or any other person in the house.  She added that it was particulary tough for her to find out that she had been nominated for eviction only minutes after entering the house.
Just as Julio and the bubbly Hilda from Tanzania were getting ready to celebrate their survival, IK announce that they also had to leave the house. The announcement sparked speculations as housemates tried to figure out what was happening. Julio told IK, “This is crazy, don’t know what’s going on”. Hilda said she was in shock and pain when she found out she was up for eviction moments after entering the Big Brother House.
IK then received the envelope with the week’s result and told Maneta to head into the posh Upville House to now compete as an individual while her partner Teclar together with Julio and Hilda went back home.
Soon IK made a call into the Downville House to make another random nomination. Unfortunately, the debutant countries, Sierra Leone and Liberia came up for eviction. This means that the housemates up for eviction are Luke and Yadel from Liberia and Dalphin and Zainab from Sierra Leone. Africa must now vote for which housemate and not group they want to save.
Here’s how Africa voted this week :
Angola: Julio
Botswana: Maneta
Ghana: Hilda
Kenya: Maneta
Liberia: Hilda
Malawi: Maneta
Namibia: Maneta
Nigeria: Hilda
South Africa: Maneta
Sierra Leone: Hilda
Tanzania: Hilda
Uganda: Hilda
Zambia: Maneta
Zimbabwe: Maneta
Rest of Africa: Maneta
Total: Hilda = 6; Julio = 1; Maneta = 8; Teclar = 0 (Total: 15 Votes)


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