Thursday, May 10, 2012


Lets vote for Hilda and Julio from Tanzania.

Biggie challenged the Housemates to express how well they know their partners during the late afternoon Task and so far Nafe rules the roost.

Nafe answered all five questions posed to him about his partner Wati correctly as opposed to Lee, Jannette, Ola and Julio.

Hilda was the most dramatic on the hot seat and was in tears as she got ‘electrocuted’ whenever Julio got the answers wrong.

The questions that Biggie asked the partners were; what’s your partner’s shoe size? His/her favourite colour? His/her favourite artist? If your partner won the US$ 300 000, would they invest or spend it? Who or what does your partner dislike in the House?

There’s bad vibes between Barbz and Prezzo after he ‘called her names’ late at night and it seems neither of them is willing to submit.

The VIPs were preparing for Biggie’s conundrum Task when Prezzo referred to Barbz as “Miss Mademoiselle” and “Tyra Banks” to which Barbz didn’t take kindly.

The altercation between the two continued and Goldie tried calming Prezzo down after he stormed out of the House to the garden.

“She doesn’t know me, if she pushes me, she’ll see me,” Prezzo told Goldie. He added that the words “sorry” and “I love you” don’t come easy for him so there was no way he would apologize to Barbz. “If it’s US $300 000 she wants, she must talk to me nicely and I’ll hook her up,” he said about Barbz.

Meanwhile, after losing the battle with Prezzo, Goldie rushed upstairs to persuade Barbz but she too would not budge.

“It’s the way he said it,” she said adding that she was upset at first but had gotten over it. “I have no beef and no animosity,” she concluded but insisted that she still wouldn’t apologize to him.

Earlier in the day, Prezzo had mentioned in his Diary session that Barbz thinks she’s above all the girls in Upville. “She’s created a web where she’s capturing all the girls,” he said. Prezzo added that Barbz also keeps looking at herself in the mirror which was a tad bit annoying.


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