Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Every young man should Dress well..


I always think that every man should dress well since it improves your self esteem ,today am to speak of my fellow blooming friends,i always say being young is a crucial stage ,i think dressing well at a young age is so crux.I don't mean to say Old-man shouldn't dress to kill ,many of them old dudes have a well fixed wardrobe and they know how to put on those tuxedo's .

I welcome argument for this post since not every young dude out there thinks of dressing perfectly well ,and their those who think its so OK looking like here are some reasons that make me arguably think all men should dress well.

Dressing well improves your self esteem/it improves inordinately or exaggeratedly favorable impression of oneself.


Believe it or not, it helps keep things in perspective.  You live in your clothes.  Things will happen to your clothes.  At some point you’re going to spill something on a favorite pair of shoes or shirt… and y’know what?  It’s just stuff.

Dressing well makes people take you so serious even if they really don't know who you are.

Dressing well will make you gain trust from different elderly people,as young as you are dressing 
smart might bring you more deals than you ever expected.

We have heard of cities where policeman just roam around to pick on those who look like crap,thinking they are burglars..dressing well will save you from this.

Your hand shake will seem stronger.

flawless Beautiful girls will all think you are a real man,and you will easily have of your choice.

You get more attention when you visit any office may it be Bank,Zantel Shop,Law Firm or even KFC.


Your ex girlfriend will always seem regretful ,thinking you have become a better man not that boy 
who used to drop his pants and wearing a Fitch stripped vest,with countless number of fake gold hanging.

Dressing well makes you 40% more handsome

Sometimes you will get more offers on drinks and lunch.

Everyone will want to hangout with you,they all think your super awesome.


With a smile and confident eye contact, you can look like you belong just about anywhere.


Girls will think you own a fortune in that tuxedo,they will always think you are that super millionaire.


 It’s about potential.  Most want to max out their personal potential.  Maximizing your potential, at surface level, often includes how you present yourself.  That includes your clothes.  And they certainly don’t have to be expensive to help you reach the level of confidence you deserve.


Shining a great pair of shoes is sort of like hand washing a really cool car.


Pals will always want you to help them pick up some costumes,some will ask you to design their wedding outfits don't believe this ask Sheria Ngowi.

Some girls find it sexy when we take off our blazers/jackets..

As a younger guy, you give all those older gentlemen hope.


Bartenders seem to keep a good eye on you for when you need another drink.

You can easily pick up a lie...You can tell people you are a manager at a certain firm and they will always trust you. 

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