Monday, June 3, 2013

Did East Africa let down Huddah and Denzel??

 Denzel & Huddah2
yesterday was a sad day for East  African countries after we lost some of the most important contestants in the big brother house,perhaps most of the East Africans think the eviction was quite unfair after hearing the sexy diva from Kenya Huddah and the witty young man from Uganda Denzel sent packing..

Surely many will miss this contestants ,they had there place in that house ,being they were among the main catalysts of what we call fun,many will miss the Denzel solid character,he was always charming and why lie he made viewers smile several times,some loved the way he dressed ,how nerdy he could get and moreover he was such a clever character.Ladies will also miss his big philipe (penis) and how he swing it around the house..

Miss Huddah,the sexy ebony queen was also sent back home yesterday, When Huddah was told of her fate by Live Show host IK,we could all see her get cold and numb,she never expected to go home soon,the lovely pervert girl from Kenya had played nice,we could see how she loved the raving ,The pretty Kenyan had emerged as a rather strong personality, as evidenced by her candid Diary Sessions.

Why they lost??
  • Maybe we relaxed too much thinking they were doing well ,so we forgot to vote for them..
  • Maybe Denzels actions of being flamboyant walking around with boxers and swinging his kalahari penis cost him.
  • Maybe the game was boring?
  • lastly maybe non of the above....
below are comments from various east Africans and their complains..


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