Saturday, June 8, 2013

How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught

Over the past year I’ve been much more open to getting into a relationship with a girl I like, but unfortunately I can’t tame the dog inside me that wants to fuck a new girl every other week. So my current game strategy is to get a girl-next-door type who isn’t a club rat and treats me well and then return the favor by taking her out, pleasuring her, and caring for her when she has the sniffles. During that time I lie and creep on the side with random girls.

Obviously I don’t think cheating on a girlfriend is morally wrong, but I do think it’s wrong to bang your girl without a condom and then creep without because you’re exposing her to diseases that could create an uncomfortable situation. But besides that I feel very little guilt when I cheat because my main girl will never know. I keep it locked down so tightly that it would take a lottery chance event to get me. The result is I get to fulfill my perverse needs while having something stable with a girl that I care for. That’s win-win… unless she finds out. Here’s what I do to make sure that doesn’t happen:

1) Who are they? Make sure that you keep a distance between your new lover, and yourself. Do not cheat with someone you know, or work with. Instead find a stranger that you can successfully lie to. Clubs, bar, Wedding or any other likely ceremonies and even shopping centers are great ways to meet strangers.

2) Your name is? Never let the other person know your full name. Lets face it, some people are obsessive, and vindictive. You can use your first name if you want, but make up a last name if they ask. Keep up with your new name, be careful not to contradict yourself.

3) Where do you work? I don't care what you do, don't tell them where you work. Your don't need them showing up at your job, because everyone you work with will know. The less people who know your secret, the better off you are. Lets say you have a "sexy" job, that you can use in your favor, such as a law enforcement officer, or TRA officer. If you want to tell them in order to improve your chances fine, but make sure you keep it bleak.

4) Can I Call? Don’t give her access to your phone or computer. This is how 90% of guys get caught cheating. They left their phone laying around, unlocked, and the girl finds incriminating text messages. It’s easy to brush off female numbers in your phone as old, but not a text message stamped yesterday where you confirmed fresh plans. Either delete the text messages manually before you see her or lock your keypad. Fail to do either and you will get busted eventually, guaranteed. Girls are savvy with cell phones and only need sixty seconds to sift through your messages or call history.
I’ve caught two girls messing around with my phone. Once I went to go wash my cock after sex and came back with my phone on the floor instead of the nightstand. I guess she panicked when she heard I was finished with washing my cock and threw it on the floor.

5) Try to bang them at their places. You don’t want her to leave something behind like a bobby pin, unique perfume scent, or blood. Also realize that a girl can tell the difference between a strand of her hair that is hers and one that is only 5% different. If you have to bang a mistress in your place then commit yourself to a CSI-like clean sweep afterwards. Do not get lazy at this step. View your room from many different angles, get on your knees, and go sniffing around everywhere. Flush used condoms down the toilet and put the wrappers deep in the kitchen trash can.

6) Do not mix dating venues. You want to have two parallel sets of venues to minimize cross contamination. If you take your girlfriend to the same bar as your creep girls, a bartender or regular may accidentally out you, or tip her off while you’re in the bathroom. We all know those don’t-date-him girls who’s life mission it is to warn other women of cheating men.

7) Pick a friend who will be your go-to excuse for why you can’t hang out with her. It’s best she has met the friend but I’ve invented guys as well. Be consistent and have him be the excuse whenever you didn’t want to hang with her. Examples: “Friday I’m hanging out with Rogers but how about Saturday?”
“Rogers wants to go to Nyama choma on Tuesday night to talk about some girl problems so let’s do movie night on Wednesday.”
“Sorry I didn’t answer I actually hung out with Rogers in this lame club and didn’t hear the phone ring.”
Never allow her to join you with Rogers, explaining that he doesn’t like being the third wheel. Add that you need guy time to do some male bonding, to talk trash and just be men.

8) Where have you been? Make sure you have the time to cheat. Do not do something foolish like call in sick to work. Instead make the time, for example: start taking a French class twice a week, but tell everyone it's three times a week. Or join a gym. Just make sure that it's not some place super close to home where they can check to see if you are there. And do not stay gone for over two hours at anytime, unless your pulling a seminar, or overnight stunt. Keep in mind if your lover knows people you work with, the topic of the training seminar might come up. And that never works out well for the cheater. Also never leave after you take a phone call. Everyone knows what a booty call is, so don't fall into that trap.

9) I have what? Protection, protection, protection, I can't say it enough. You don't want to bring something home, so protect yourself. The male should always have a condom on, and ladies should be taking some form of birth control. You don't want a baby to be conceived this way, and you don't want to take a disease home.

10) What are you sorry for? Don't confess everything because you had one to many drinks. If your going to do it, then do it. But, be sure that your able to take it to your grave. Show your loved one you love them even if you are a good for nothing cheater. Buy them roses, draw their bath, make them think they are special. It sounds cold, and harsh but it's the life of a player.

Now that you know a few ways to help keep your secret safe your own your way to being a decent cheater. Just remember to think things through each and every time. If you get cocky you'll not only let your guard down, but you will also get sloppy. Before I leave you, I have one more tip. Never do anything from your home computer. Make up a screen name and use a public computer, or buy a laptop (with cash) and keep it hidden especially this Msongo page.


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