Thursday, June 20, 2013

Becoming Rich at a young age..

Is it not a dream for every young person to become rich and successful?? Yes it is..we all dream to become rich,but the big drama is how ?Do you have what it takes to become monumental rich? many of us think we have the real answers and methods of becoming rich,some relax enjoying their parents hustle thinking its theirs,carefully enough we have seen such people fall in the end..

Yet we pretend we care less thinking we still have time,instead of buckling up and start the chase, all we want to do is rest our lazy asses down ,trying to relax imitating "Rick Ross" lyrics .."Hustle..Hustle..Hard.." while there is nothing of that we do to hustle..

Lets remember being young is a crucial stage and this is where you can make fortune's,this is when you can manifest your own fate,there are lots of difficulties on becoming wealthy at an older age,so your time is now ..HUSTLE!!

Here are some guidelines on how you can get rich at a young age..
  • Get rid of unimportant friends 
This should be the first thing,have you ever heard people saying friends are sometimes powerful than our minds,it has some truth in it..if you are to become that special person of great wealth then get rid of friends who envy you,or else they will drug you to a pitfall..You should always be picky when it come's to friends..

Don't just have friends so that you can impress them,choose friends that have something that you don't have,and that something should be worthy e.g. Knowledge..Find some older friends that are better than you in some way. They'll have less reason to be envious of you.

  • Remember the Piggy Bank.
We all remember during our childhood we would busy collect some coins and put them in a piggy bank so that the next morning you can buy yourself some candy,where is the urge?..some  end up becoming  filthy spendthrift lads..saying it in simple words..lets do much of the saving than spending at least 25% of what you get..

Analyze your expenses and find where you go wrong,try cutting unnecessary expenses down ,if there is anything that you think brings your saving efforts down sell it or get rid of it,if you think you cant sustain your car's fuel bills park it and board a daladala,if your smartphone makes you spend lots of mullah in getting bundles sell it and get a Nokia Torch.

  • Decide where you want to focus your energy.
 At a early age decide where you want to end up,what is it you want to do,what business do you think will pave way,study careful what is it you want to do,get to know the risks of what you want to focus your energy to people that have influence and try knowing the advantages,disadvantages and how you can sustain..There many things that can make you filthy rich don't just think of your career,it can be photography,Agriculture,Health and many start now by deciding where you want to focus your energy ..

  • Learn and Ask. 
Be a prudent person and educate yourself through books, networking groups, forums and mentors. Learn from other people's mistakes, before you make your own.A friend once told me reading motivational books is useless,and all i got to tell him is ,its useless once you read and don't act upon,so read to understand not just reading..Read "Become Your Own Banker," "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" If you don't have the motivation to read and educate yourself then you are not motivated to be rich. These books are the cornerstone of becoming rich, wealthy and in control of your own destiny.

  • Honor your Debts.
Honor your debts,pay your bills in time ,let people not lose trust in you

  • Making  your wants ,needs. 
 Something you should always ask yourself is do i need this thing or do i want it??At a young age most of us want expensive stuff's,expensive sex and partying hard...are your priorities in tact?can you distinguish what you want and need?? eliminate all useless things..the expensive stuff will always dry your piggy bank...If it is your girl then find a way to eliminate her or talk to her...

  • Laziness/ Getting Comfortable..
This is our habit,we always think we deserve a rest, a vacation..we deserve nothing like a rest at this time we hustle,who says you can break right now?what have you accomplished?stop the laziness and work out your ass to achieve the best...

  • Respect your money and yourself..
Those who will respect money ,it will pay back the gratitude and it will respect you,if you just throw away your cash while you are nothing near to richness you will end up falling on your nose,i have seen some lads at night clubs throwing cash at prostitutes ,pouring some champagne at them imitating the Lil Wayne video's..sure not bad at all but what have you accomplished?are you any close to write a cheque to Warren B,not instead of buying some Hennessy bottles so that you can please girls you don't know STOP and THINK..

  • Honesty
Honesty ,a simple word made of 7 letters,but very hard to have...One should always start by trusting himself,and asking yourself do i trust my self??Can i save what i get??Can i pay bills,can i keep  my honesty ,do friends ,family and co-workers trust me..Am i Honest!!

  • Keeping Promises..
promises can make you a king once you keep them,you will win people's heart by keeping your promises..and this can already make you sign more deals than ever,don't make a promise that you think you cant keep..

  • Family
You should always support your family and get more blessings at what you do...

  • There Are No Shortcuts
 When the majority of individuals start their own business, they do so with the mentality that others are going to either work for free or that they are going to be able to cut corners or any mixture of the two. If success was only so simplistic and easy to come by.
If you want to make money, not only do you have to put in 16+ hour days to prove yourself and become the best at what you do, you must be creative regarding the approach to get there. When it comes to making money and pursuing the career you want, everyone must follow their own path. What yours is, only you know.
Though, start by deciphering what your end goal is and map out the ways that you plan to skin the cat. Then, attack. (Business Insider)

  • Love What You Do
Find a job that plays to your strengths. Pursuing jobs that solely focus on your weaknesses will only complicate the equation. Do you remember when your parents made you study math regardless of how much you hated the subject? Statistically, that time could have been more productively spent on the subjects that you were getting A-'s on.
 Getting rich begins with excelling in your career. There is no better to do than to settle in with a company that may pay less at first, but will give you confidence in your skills via feeding you jobs and tasks that can help flourish your career



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