Monday, June 3, 2013

Interview With The Pretty Vanessa Mdee...

Vanessa Mdee definitely got something that’s lacking in the Bongo Music scene right now: passion and soul. It raises the question: how could such a small girl exude so much light, radiance and positivity and make such a huge impact? And that’s what Vanessa is all about. Making an impact and getting results. Few years prior to Vanessa's taking over, none could  imagine if Bongo music industry had room for her kind..But swiftly she has managed to establish herself as one of the gifted artist in the nation..Now I strongly believe good things come in small packages...

Here is Msongo's interview with the beautiful Vanessa
Msongo: Congrats on being one of the first female artist interviewees on msongo,how do you feel about that?

Vanessa- ThankYOU so much it's an honour.

Msongo: First how do you balance your music career with being a radio and TV presenter also?

Vanessa:- I believe in time management and that ensures I'm strict with deadlines,
 every job is passion driven so I manage my hours by allocating time for everything.
 I give radio 5 hours of my weekday and I travel to tape for TV when required and I use my nights to be in the recording studio when I have a slot available.

Msongo: Do you think you did excellent on the “me and you “collaboration?

-Vanessa: I think I put my heart into it and it translates in the reception.

Msongo: How did ommy dimpoz get to collaborate you?

-Vanessa: He had heard a song I had recorded with Mandojo and Domo Kaya and Pipi ( a remake of WanokNok ) that was never released. 
He immediately called me up and said we had to work together.
 I thought it was just talk UNTIL he showed up outside the radio station at 10pm after my radio show and said ' Twende studio ' - the rest is history.

Msongo: What type of music do you do?

Vanessa:My music is Afro Pop, with RnB, Soul and Hip Hop infusions here and there. It's fun!

Msongo: Did you want to pursue music career?

- Absolutely!!! Just needed the confidence and the right jump start.

Msongo: What can people expect to see at your life performance?

Vanessa:My live performances are very interactive - I love to mingle with the audience but they are also energy filled and very TURNT UP!

Msongo: Your track (closer) what did you have in mind? is it one of those true events?

-Vanessa: With closer I had everyone's first crush in mind regardless of age. Except its a modern take on new age dating and interaction with that Facebook reference.

Msongo: If you were to describe your voice in one word what could have called it?

-Vanessa: ClosetSopranoPseudoBaritone ( I just made up a word)

Msongo: Who is your role model?

-Vanessa: My mother

Msongo: Who do you wish to work collaborate in any of your song?

-Vanessa: I was recently watching The Voice US and Usher is a judge on the show - for some of the mentoring he brings in Pharell Williams for assistance that combination would be a dream collaboration for me.
 I'm also crazy about Mafikizolo's new work so their top of the list too, I'd love to work with Ben Pol and Micasa and Aka and Davido and Wiz Kid and Sauti Sol and Lira and Rihanna and Mary J and Neyo and Feza Kessy and Burna Boy and Parker Ighile and ... 

The list is endless. I believe every collabo would have it's OWN magic.

Msongo: How is music industry from radio presenting?

-Vanessa: They're both performance driven and both cut throat so there are similarities - like I don't have stage fright at all, the nerves are however the same. The thrill of performing is one hell of a drug.

Msongo; When you are presenting your show do you mostly play your songs?

-Vanessa: I don't play any of my music unless its requested and even then I make it so I don't have to talk about it. I find it so weird to introduce myself in a song or play my own music - feels like an unfair advantage.

Msongo: Who inspires you?

-Vanessa: My mother she's an enigma

Msongo: Do you have any challenges?

-Vanessa: Plenty mostly monetary, I ain't cashing OUT yet LOL!

Msongo: Kili music awards are in the corner, and you are nominated how do you feel about that??Do you think you deserve to win? And why?

-Vanessa: I feel HONOURED and excited and anxious all at the same time because I would like so badly to win but being acknowledged in itself is major to me. Knowing I've only officially been an artist for a few months - I'm feeling the love and truly appreciate it. Do I deserve to win? ABSOLUTELY I've put in the work - hours of dedication and patience have brought me to this point without forgetting the FAVOUR of the Almighty. Plus I believe I am talented.

Msongo:Tell us your most embarrassing moment if you don’t mind to share??

-Vanessa: mmmmh I don't really have one per se

Msongo: If you could have not been a musician or a presenter what could have you been?

-Vanessa: A forensic scientist/ pathologist, I was well on my way studying Law and all.

Msongo: Do you have a manager or a sponsor?

-Vanessa: Yes, Abby Plaatjes is my manager.

Msongo: Do you think you are better than other female artists?

-Vanessa: Better? I am no better than no mortal. We all have our special traits which make us different and our differences make us unique. Might I have a stronger drive than the others, possibly.

Msongo: What do you think of the “me and you” video??

-Vanessa: it's incomplete

Msongo: What do you truly love doing at your free time?

-Vanessa: Free time? What's that?

Msongo: Do you sing in the bathroom?

-Vanessa: At the top of my voice.

Msongo: How can people vote for you ??(kili awards)

Vanessa:For Msaani Bora Anayechipukia text AN5 to 15345

For Wimbo Bora Wa Mwaka
text AA4 to 15345

For Wimbo Bora wa Bongo Pop
text BP5 to 15345

For Wimbo Bora wa kushirikishwa au kushirikiana
text BR3 to 15345


  1. oooh type of a girl i would like to take to my mamaaa

  2. It's no enigma why Vanessa MDee is succeeding: Vanessa exudes ENERGY!