Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Big Brother Africa All About Coupling

Since day one, Sierra Leone’s Bolt and Ethiopia’s beauty Betty have shared a bed. Since then they have done a lot more than share a bed. From jealous lovers to making out, the pair have done it all only for them to be separated on Sunday when Betty was evicted from the Big Brother Africa (BBA) house.

Holding on to each other so tight, it was sad to watch the two bid each other farewell. Now Bolt has to plot for another game plan. It makes you think that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that LK4 and Koketso were evicted on the same day. Also evicted on Sunday was Botswana’s Motamma. Her exit was nothing to write home about simply because she has not been paired up with anyone unlike her other housemates.

Coupling is what BBA critics are against the most because it encourages housemates to make out which seems to be the only thing on most of this year’s housemates’ minds. Some of the scenes in BBA The Chase are too sensual that they are not aired on the main BBA channel 198 and can only be viewed on Big Brother VIP.

Some don’t even make it there. It goes without saying that such increases the show’s rating. The introduction of the award for the most romantic gestures and the rendezvous room for couples and friends, provide more avenues for intimacy. From a critic’s eye, that means more immorality. Big Brother seems to be encouraging it. And the fact that housemates are moved from house to house making them change who to pair with frequently doesn’t help matters.
The couples

So we have Feza who has moved on from only holding hands with Oneal to kissing. Theirs seemed real only for her to declare her love for Melvin on Saturday when housemates from both houses partied together.
And word in the Big Brother circles is that Selly made out with Nando and yet on Saturday, she eagerly told Sulu (the two flirted a lot when in the same house) that she misses him and can’t wait to switch houses to his on Friday.

Pokello who is being pursued by Elikem was on Saturday flirting endlessly with the handsome Tanzanian housemate Nando. Elikem is also pursuing Fatima. Africa hadn’t seen him clearly when it gave the title of player to LK4. There’s also Hakeem and Cleo and many others. Without forgeting the "friend with benefits" thing between Nando and Selly. As the days go by, we should be seeing more couples and change of pairs. Whether this is a good or bad thing, is a personal opinion.
Romantic Gestures
Week one: Hakeem asked Cleo on a date which scored them victory in that week.
Week two: Koketso and LK4 were the winners for the strawberries and cream treat she fed him.
Week three: Hakeem’s gifts to Cleo in the Rendezvous Room won that week’s most romantic Gesture.
Week four: The battle is between Bimp’s piggyback rides for Beverly and Elikem’s surprise breakfast in bed treat for Pokello.


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