Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Skateboarding In Tanzania

Baraka Bishota has been in the forefront trying to encourage youth in Tanzania to take up skateboarding and spearheading the recognition of skateboarding from the government of United Republic of Tanzania and its people. He has gone on to establish Spearhead Skateboarding, which is the first institution to teach skateboarding in Tanzania. The entity is also responsible for creating skateboarding awareness in a country where skateboarding was/is seen as a non-Tanzanian sport.

At Spearhead our aim is to try establish skateboarding as a common sport in Tanzania and Africa in general. We aim at teaching the youth how to skate and inspire them to take up skateboarding as one of their cultural aspects

                                      Baraka doing the ollie

                                                        Ssshh.....Genius at work

                                Posing with the future skateboarders in Dar Es Salaam

                                                        Ready For Take Off

                                                    Don't worry we got the gears

                                                        We Cool Like That!



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