Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Americans Comments Regarding Obama's Visit to Tanzania

U.S. President Barack Obama and Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, right, are greeted by a cheering crowd as they arrive at the State House in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on Monday, July 1. 

"I think its great that Obama can get a street named after him on his home continent of Africa. Obama is a joke and a fraud. The world laughs at him, Russia and Hong Kong just poked their finger in his eye.. Zero respect for the amateur president... yet Tazmania and more than likely his home country Kenya will names streets after him. Let him stay in Africa."

"Tanzania a strategic partner to the U.S.? That is really quite a stretch. What national interest do we have there? No business ties, no natural resources, no strategic manufacturing, nothing that I can see.

Someone enlighten me please. I spent four years in a country next door trying to establish business relations, and the Chinese out did me on every turn as they are willing to participate in the government payoffs. Americans are forbidden to do so by our government, and given a strict talking to at the embassy when we go there.

We have little interest there, if any, and we're dumping billions into Africa that is going to end up in Chinese pockets.

Great move....we need that money here. People being furloughed because of sequestration, people out of work, government clamoring for more taxes to pay for boondoggles, IRS spending millions on bonuses, and Obama just forks over 7 billion without logical reason.

Yes, I know they don't have a reliable power grid there...I lived there. But they cope, and will continue to do so. And we're in trouble."

 "Aside from natural gas and uranium Tanzania has  rare earth elements used in superconducting materials. China is probably the worlds leader in many of these elements. China is trying to control the manufacturing market by controlling the supply of materials used in manufacturing. Of the 7 billion mentioned by Obama 1.5 B is coming from OPIC and 5 B is coming from the Export Import Bank, a self sustaining entity. As far as investing, and paying bribes, the US government has been to this rodeo many times"

 "Must be nice to take a $100,000,000 vacation in Tanzania all on the US Taxpayer dime all the while over here the scandals continue, the economy is flatlined, and our current debt sits at 16.8 TRILLION DOLLARS! (with 124 Trillion in unfunded liabilities)"

"Can we just barter with Tanzania? We all know they wouldn't spend the billions of dollars wisely."

"I liked his speech about Africans having to be wary of foreign powers, especially the United States........ a day after he pledges 7 billion in aid"

 Tanzania, if you like Obama so much, take him. We are through with him here.

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