Friday, July 12, 2013

Lesson's we should learn from T.I's Instagram photo's.

Ask yourself questions before following any one on Instagram,why i say so? it can be very disappointing following someone with uneven style of photos ,no perfect lesson' touch of fashion..I have seen several celebrity's instagram and some photo stories surprise me.I have learned a lot through super talented rapper are some lesson's we should learn from T.I's instagram.


  • Family guy..
 Nothing come's first to this rapper than his's blessings is something that we should hunt is the great support system ever,family can lead you to abetter road of success..when it comes to family T.I gets serious..


  • Fitness
John F.K once preached "Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.Yes its so true..and in fact T.I motivated me to start working out...some little work out and you get all sharp..something to learn here brothers..


  • Hustle,Flaunt it..
T.I is one of the legends in rapping industry,so he has hustled enough to flaunt what he earns,let the boy boss up since he has the Benjamen's, here he reminds us if you want to boss up hustle hard.


  • Hangout with the greatest.
If you've noticed T.I is selective when it come's to friends or people to hangout with,you see him with people that are either going far in life or have already reached that point.He hate low lives..and perhaps this is the best thing to do,they say surround yourself with the rich and learn to become wealthy..You want to be wealthy and powerful stop hanging out with low lives and drug addicts.


  • Vacation,after hard work..
We all need a downtime after a very long period of working hard,it help's a lot,it makes you relax .. when you have earned what you have been fighting for for a long time a rest is needed ,and vacation is an essential part of life for those who have earned it..this will make you go back to the hustle battle with a lot of power .


  • Respect
T.I respects his fun's ,is this the big reason of him having a phenomenal fun base? This reminds us not how much wealthy or successful you will get ,never disrespect any one...never let your own cash spoil you...


  • Time to sleep
 There should always be proper time for one to have a nap,artist are one busy people throughout the year,the tours and endless recordings make them exhausted ,so after long day of hardworking one should sleep early .Put this in mind that sleep is the best meditation ever..


  • Love the right woman.
Its hard these days to find an amazing woman,a woman that will always be there whether its sunny or dark,whether you are in trouble or in success..lets be real here T.I found a good baby mama brothers ,lets be very careful on our choices,a woman can lead you to a down fall and yet she can build you a kaiserhoff with plenty of gold..


  • Men can also cook..
real lesson to my primitive brothers...we can also cook ..if a big witty successful rapper can cook for his family then why not you..does it always have to be your lady in the kitchen??


  • You are never too old to play around and clean the house..
He plays around with the kids despite his busy calender..


  • Dress Well
I once wrote in my article that dressing well improves your self esteem ,T.I got fashion..he likes dressing well..Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he's well dressed..dressing well makes people to take you more seriously..


  • Never forget where you came from
Flashbacks are so important in our lives ,they get to remind us of where we come from...who we were and what are we at the present..


  1. Informative and very well written article.

  2. family guy.... i think he is a great inspiration to young guys out there.