Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things Young Generation DO and REGRET!!

Our generation is quite a complicated one, but yet the best to be in,perhaps non from our generation wishes to go back in time..and this may be due to all the things we have right now,everything is simplified ..

I love my generation but sincerely there things we generation young DO and arguably think that we are so right,but we end up regretting....Lets see the bad we do and later hold our mouth in regrets.  

  • Taking Drugs to get High
Kids these days are addicted to pills, like pain killers and Valium,this is something that is so common these days,bunch of kids would want to get high with pills and do some partying.. these day's kids have much interest with syrup(Lil Wayne's influence?)this is one thing that we later regret thinking of how we have poisoned our bodies.Let's be better and stop using drugs..moreover they are of no help...

  • Anal Sex
You think its not common??ask the girls and they will tell you how it frustrates them,many young guys these days want to force their partners unwillingly to perform anal sex of which for some easily get convinced and later regret of the decision they made.. Hey you!!stop pretending you missed the right hole,yes you!!

  • Smoking
its really funny going to the club and you find a bunch of young wannabe's who pass each other some cigarette or marijuana..thinking they are all grown ups,or some deceiving themselves that its quite sure 80 percent of kids smoking is due to peer pressure from their  lads .why burn your lungs at a very young age while you still have a great future ahead of you.

  • Boozing to the maximum..
Inebriety!!Popular of them all..there is no problem one drinking,but hey not too much..what are you to drink crates of beers..too much drinking has caused us severe problems,we have witnessed some of our friends loosing their lives..some do things unwillingly and later they end up much boozing is bad to our health too..

  • Flirting/Playing/Cheating.
 Oh boy!!we love this..we so love playing with our hearts..thinking we are so full of love..deceiving ourselves that we invented love.. The endless lies we tell each other and yet the same words we preach to more than one partner..Geez!!Its always good playing around and flirting but its of no better use, its quite expensive doing it since you have to multiply your doings and it's also dangerous.

  • Unsafe Sex
 That point when you are in a middle of intercourse while wearing a condom ,and you end up removing it deceiving yourself there is lack of satisfaction.. Very common indeed..Our generation is full of diseases ,we hear and see different commercials that raise awareness on how we are surrounded with these killer diseases but yet we are ready to risk our lives performing unsafe sex of which we later suffer the consequences.  

  • Wasting time.
 Benjamin Franklin said "lost time is never found again",he was never wrong...we waste a lot of time doing nonsense , gossiping and doing nothing of good cause,of which when we are no longer generation young we wish we did something worthy..lets stop wasting time..If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?


  1. This is awesome, very educative and should be put in practice. Very few of us will agree with you and it's because in one way or another, we already faced the consequences of either of the above. We need cancelling often

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