Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We lost our parents and friends in Darfur..R.I.P


It was a morning like this where we were all happy that our fathers were going to protect the world,we can't forget the hugs we gave them ,the hope we gave them,we preached that they will get back home soon..

We could see the sad faces they had and yet we insisted they are strong ,and they will win the was easy as we spoke but in their hearts they knew how tough it was keeping peace in a a land that is not theirs.

After their departure to Darfur we never stopped going to mosque's and church's ,our mothers never stopped reading the bible and Qur'an,the kids never stopped praying now and then for the safety of their strong fathers..putting them in safe hands and believing they will get back home soon and safe..

It was on Saturday that it was all hard to believe ,after switching on our local radios and TV that's when we got news that there was a deadly attack in Darfur,that claimed the lives of seven Tanzanian soldiers.It was hard to believe but there it was .

The slain soldiers, who were part of the UN-Africa Mission in Darfur (Unamid) died on Saturday after gunmen ambushed a convoy comprising Tanzanian peacekeepers. Their 17 colleagues were seriously wounded in the incident described as the deadliest ever single attack on the international force in Sudan.

This is not the first time Tanzanian soldiers are dying in Darfur. In August last year three soldiers died when their vehicle got swept by water as they crossed a swollen river.

Our troops couldn't easily defend themselves since their main mission was to preserve and maintain peace,sad enough is knowing that  he soldiers were in a normal patrol, but a week ago, unknown assailants attacked members of the army and disappeared with four vehicles without causing any injury,On Saturday our soldiers saw their vehicles parked somewhere, but when they moved to recover them, they were suddenly and viciously attacked.

At this sad moment lets join hands with the families in pain..may our soldiers rest in peace and may they always be remembered for the sacrifices they made.. 

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