Saturday, July 27, 2013

LOVE:Mistakes Women Make in Bed.

Spicing up our bedtime routine is something that every couple should not ignore,nobody wants a boring sex life ,so lets kill the daily routine of brushing our teeth ,switching off the light ,arranging the pillows and then ask each other to have sex ..That can be the most boring thing that can result to one active partner to cheat on the other..Let be creative!!

Today i list the biggest mistakes women make when in bed,things that really turn us off..

  • Critique
 Criticizing your partner can easily turn them off,this is something that most women do without knowing its effects,Ladies are used of criticizing their partners,Nothing will turn off your partner faster than you telling him what you DON'T like and what you don't want taking place.Avoid this..

  • NOT taking the lead..
I have heard friends complaining about their women getting too lazy that they cant initiate sex.Ladies wake up ,we love it when you initiate the sex,we find it more powerful than when we initiate,don't sit there and wait for your guy to ask you for petting,get on it and drive us nuts.

  • Not Responding
Most women hate silent sex,then if you hate shutting your mouth through out the sex marathon then keep up with the talking,we like it when you talk nasty,and we hate it when you don't respond to our  nasty talks..

  • Not showing and Telling
Who said we are mind readers?If you are not having orgasms with us, show and tell us what we need to do, and don't be afraid of appearing too liberated.Real man admire a women who talks ,Its difficult to please a woman who cannot please herself,you have us make us your toys and please yourself.

  • Your Bedtime outfits..
 Ladies love being comfortable when in bed ,we know that very well but be open men they get easily turn off when you cover yourself too much,try sleeping with a hot bra or silky ,transparent hot nighty and see for yourself..