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I tell my close friend Seanron its Christmas fever and he laughs and tells me its Christmas stress,as we all know Christmas is around the corner ,the jingling bells and the Christmas trees every where but its quite different these days ,the joy of Christmas has fade ,in my growing period i witnessed and celebrated x mass in an epoch way ,but its saddening how these days x mass can be.
I believe that in my country there is only one tribe that knows the ascendancy of Christmas ,and that tribe is well known as the "CHAGA".

The Chaga (also called WachagaChaggaJaggaDschaggaWaschagga, or Wachagga) are Bantu-speaking indigenous Africans and the third largest ethnic group in Tanzania. They live near Moshi and on the southern and eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Their relative wealth comes from the favorable climate of the area and successful agricultural methods, which include extensive irrigation systems and continuous fertilization practiced for thousands of years. They were one of the first tribes in the area to convert to Christianity. This may have given them an economic advantage over other ethnic groups, as they had better access to education and health care as Christians.

To chagga's December is a busy month ,a month that is mostly respected by them ,this is the period that they will to close their business just to go home and  celebrate the holiday season.
The Chagga's are one of the respected tribes in Tanzania despite the funny names they are given like ,Misers ,stingy ,cocky or even autistic .I personally admire this tribe though i don't belong there ,but its a tribe that has taken our countries economy to a better place,the chagga's are always serious when it comes to money and that is what has made them successful. 

Ok ..during this month the chagga's at least all over the country take their families to their hometown Kilimanjaro ,and this is the period that if you want to travel heading to the northern zone booking should be done earlier.

Mama Cleme ,Mushi,Muro,Mzee Temba.Kererai,Mamboleo family,Mosha,Kimeyi,Utuoh ,Massawe,Chuwa and not mentioning all, this are common chagga families that close their business and go home ,we have a chaff that we always tell them,that they are going to the village for family census.

Chaggas are well known of their drinking habit,they do love alcohol,may it be the beers or the local brews..When they all meet to celebrate x mass they prepare their local brew called "Mbege" which is made of millet and bananas and left to ferment for 10 days prior to festivities.

They prepare various dishes that will feed a number of family members ,Fish is not a major dish in the chagga land ,since its absent the chagga's main dish is meat and banana's .

Some of the foods prepared during festive seasons especially Xmass and New years are Mtori,Ndafu,Kitawa ,Machalari,Kiumbo,kitalolo ,shiro and Ng'ande.
preparation of Ndafu
After having the most delicious cuisine's the Chagga's men will gather together and start drinking,when it comes to festive seasons the Chagga's drink a lot,may it be beer or local brew ,gender isn't the issue but drinking is the talk.

After the late stories and the drinking the good thing of chagga's never forget prayers,"Ruwa" is never forgotten. Ruwa is the Chagga name for their god, as well as the Chagga word for "sun." Ruwa is not looked upon as the creator of humankind, but rather as a liberator and provider of sustenance. He is known for his mercy and tolerance when sought by his people. Some Chagga myths concerning Ruwa resemble biblical stories of the Old Testament.     

Various Foods:
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