Thursday, December 6, 2012


After a very long week i decided to go and have that beautiful view at the lake,but what makes the visit so untold is i met a very close comrade who i never expected to meet anytime soon,a guy that we schooled together in primary school moreover we never used to like each other ,but after we met there was no option rather than joining and pretend we were close friends.
This dude was among the most cocky dude i had ever seen ,all he did is talk about his bank accounts and how many girls he would sleep with in a between our hypocrite conversation  a waitress appeared and asked what we wanted,the thirstiness i had for Konyagi made me not to blench but answer agilely ,he also ordered the same thing.
This weirdo comrade  has been in Kibaki land quite for sometime(Kenya) and his favorite drink is Kibao ,Kibao is among the best Vodkas made in Nairobi,so after he sipped the Konyagi he frowned and spitted the drink,i was caught by surprise and asked what was the matter,he looked at me as if i poisoned him,my medulla triggered thinking it was time i was called a murderer ,he stopped starring at me and he sighed for a while and then he expressed a mirth,after seeing him smile at least my hypertension lowered then loudly he spoke "what a rabelaisian drink !! ,in seconds i couldn't figure out what was the problem with the drink soon to realize he was a joker,"have you ever tested Kibao Vodka?"
What a caitiff ,"yes i have!
I knew where these was heading ,he never wants to loose ,so he started challenging me that Kibao was way better than Konyagi ,i would watch him and say he doesn't know how far i come with this drinks ,i really don't have a good history with both of them ,Konyagi made me get knuckled the first day i had it,i got tipsy and the next thing i know is i fall on a nearby table of customers and break all the bottles ,made me have a black eye whole the week.
Kibao also ,first time i had kibao was at Simba Carnivore Nairobi ,i can never forget this day since i was with my crazy pal Simon ,we had many and the next thing is we were found at the parking lot the next morning...
As we talked and talked i noticed my partner was just sipping the Konyagi without realizing that he spitted it earlier ,later on we noticed we were all tipsy ,and we all concluded that the drinks are all better but they just differ on the smell , i think our opinion isn't quite right since we were all smiling as if we were stoned,why not test this drinks and share your comment on which is better but also remember too much drinking is harmful for your health..


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