Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have always been thinking,figuring out how things have quite changed in today's world ,and a colleague tells me that's why its 21st century.
I love technology ,you can count me as a nerd while i don't belong there,modern things have changed people way of living ,they even have a word they call it innovative /innovation in simple language modern ways..i repeat again am a big fun of the modern world,everything is simplified but yet we still suffer that we don't know how.
Growing up i have witnessed different things change ,i remember using a Chinese brick game but now i see my young brother enjoying the play stations and the Xbox ,good graphics and themes unlike i used just to hold that tiny game and arrange the bricks.
My intention here is to tell you things that affect us and yet we love them so much,i spend my whole day using a laptop ,its my daily tool ,i get my works done and it helps me perfect them ,but yet do i know how it affects me? Laptops can be decipher tools but i came to understand it can also make you loose your visual fatigue ,after my eyes blat i saw a doctor and what he concluded was the brightness from my laptop affected my eyes ,despite the laptop simplifying my work it even destroys my body parts,this other time i heard from a colleague that laptops when placed on the laps for a long time they probably destroy your male sexual functions...geez! then why did they call them laptops?Old days there were never stuffs like this so they managed to live long.
The main reason influenced me to write this is while i was listening to the public radio i heard them speaking of Handsets effects ,in our daily life we always use phones as the major source of communication unlike the old years people had to travel for a long distance to deliver the message,as i listened careful they said the radiation from the handsets can affect the human brain and the memory index,it also leads to producing debilitate infants and still it also devastates the male sexual functions.I would prefer the old days ,traveling to deliver the message.
Not living foods ,if you didn't know food is among our greatest enemy,many diseases are caused by foods and yet we don't know ,may it be Diabetes , Hypertension ,Obesity ,Gynecology and many more ,they are 95% caused by the foods we take ,my grand mom lives about eight decades now and yet she is still strong,she avoided foods with high salinity and cholesterol ,but as we pretend we don't know we like eating foods that we all know they affect us,the fried eggs with lots of oil,the french fries a lot of sugar and even chili stuffs,i have lived among food mongers and i understand their bad feeding.Old days they mostly never knew how to cook the sweet things we have now,they boiled everything.
Few days back i wrote an article on how i nursed my cough traditionally ,Medicines also make me choose the old days ,for those who have woken up they no longer use the so called scientific medicines,supplements are the best ,food supplements have been of better.
There is still more to educate you...keep reading..



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