Saturday, December 15, 2012


I love my country and am proud of being a Tanzanian ,a country with beautiful features and blessed people ,to my thoughts its among the richest country in the world but to political aspects its always said the country i live in is among the poorest country,it really irritates to hear such a comment but no matter how i cover my ears and the ears of those innocent young growing boys and girls the sound still penetrates to the ear drums,it has been a song that i refuse to enjoy the melody, but yet i just have to listen because of few aberrant minds.
The Old man once said there is a grenade floating in air and its a matter of time till it drops , i call him the old man since his head is full of grey hair ,but no matter how he expressed it i believe he lives among the corrupt ,they share the same meal and they drink the same drink called CORRUPTION.

I refuse to believe we are among the poorest nation but i just have to agree to the fact,but do you all have my point of view ?do you have the feelings that those black boys and girls have?
As i passed through one of the web i managed to see some photos of a well known politician enjoying his holidays at some nearby country ,something came in mind,if i see this picture and my heart is filled with pain and disgust what bout those innocent people that live not knowing what they will feed their families tomorrow?and yet the politician is well known as among the corrupts,he doesn't care enough how the citizens think of him.

I watch the most powerful people in my country conduct a charity ball that raises billions and still i ask myself where are the billions? a son of a brother suffers with pain and we celebrate with the most expensive champagnes.I get to understand we have big casinos and strippers clubs in my country,a place where people waste money ,some throw a bundle of cash at prostitutes while Mama Juma thinks of 500 Tshs to feed his daughters..

Politicians ride the most expensive cars ,while a small village in Manyovu pregnant women die since there are no vehicles to take them to the hospital...and yet we congratulate them.
A wise man once asked me? ,we have had peace for several years , don't you think others get jealous? my mind was so coated back then that i couldn't understand,but i finally got the answer though i didn't want to swallow..

we have preached to them so called leaders but nobody seem to change ,i know what they want,my mind is telling me their building a powerful nuclear bomb full of poisonous stuffs ,and the reason is they want to benefit while we fight ,the importing of weapons that will make them billionaires,despite i hate saying but its on its way,its all coming i tell you.

Last year we just had a riot ,few chaps fighting for their political parties in Arusha ,few were injured and some killed ,i wouldn't compare to the riots Muslims conducted this year in Tanzania and Zanzibar,i don't mean to be bias or offend anyone but all i know this fights are just scams built by the so called "Viongozi".

I pass around streets and i feel the sense of fear and disgust ,everyone talks of politics ,people are angry ,some even fight ...i wish ...i tell you i wish... the "viongozi" they could all hear the murmuring and feel the abhorrence this people have.All i know is they are waiting ,i could compare them to a match box where they are just waiting for somebody to light the stick or i could say a timer bomb that awaits for its minutes to run out and cause a massive catastrophe...

Though i hate to say or believe ,but it has turned Msongo into a sadist ,i walk the streets while my head faces down and my arms folded back ,swinging my head with shame,the shame that got tremendous as i hear people singing ,i turn my head and all i see is children dressed in beautiful outfits that resemble to our national flag,they compete to raise their voices ,they smile as they call the name of our country...TANZANIA....TANZANIA...NAKUPENDA....TANZANIA....they love their country,and after they arrange themselves to make a number,i had to climb a hill to see the number and it was 51..i cite we were turning 51st years of Independence...Seriously??

Image courtesy: Massoud Kipanya

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