Wednesday, December 5, 2012


After a big success of about 350 viewers that read my article about the end of the world ,and as i promised there things that i would like to spit out and clear my chest before the dooms day ,so i would like to continue even though am ranking my believes high that the world is never going to end soon but let me just be prudent.


If i were to define politicians i would say they are all liars ,few will portray honesty but the rest are just those filthy stinky animals ,i have witnessed a lot with politicians,they have always treated as like animals or slaves.Why treat a man that has lived 3 decades with dishonesty.Why not shut your loudspeakers if you cant bring change to the society..If as they say that its only 15 days to the end of the world not a fib then definitely you shall answer the consequences.


I was born in a noisy town,in my country they would call you "mjanja" a town boy ,i wouldn't want to be a town boy no more ,it sucks and what makes it suck is the traffic jam,i would rather not stay in town ,the traffic is hectic and it gets worst day by day i tell you,spending 2 hours bumper to bumper is so tiresome,but as they say i think its all going to be over soon...

Justice hasn't been of good lately, some days passed i decided to visit one of the biggest prison in my country,it was then i realized justice was just a story i was told by my grand mom,most of the victims in prisons are there falsely i heard was in for stealing a chicken ,its dame right he /she should be punished but whats wrong here is we have victims that are well known by the government of stealing billions of cash but they are never imprisoned.Am forgetting the song justice but wait till is over in few weeks.


This might bring misunderstanding between me and my lady friends but to be frank enough those things are disturbing,sometimes i think of asking for a sip that's how pervert i get, imagine my part time photography trainer hangs them up ,the destruction makes me forget the composition ,i definitely don't mean to offend any one but please consider your attire my lady friends...the booby hanging style isn't that bad but not in the afternoon please..

It has been a song that nobody wants to dance moreover the melody is touchy,i cant wait till corruption is over ,it hasn't done me the best ,i remember this one time me and a friend were refused to take a photograph at one of the museums while the notice rules never restricted,the young ugly man told us in order to have a photo we should pay him a sum of 10,000/= ($10) ..

oooohh fake,ooohh fake, should i call you micky minaj?despite of the beautiful songs you have ,every other thing is a fake ,it started with the booty,then boobies,hips,nose and guess what is going to be the next thing,girl you are me its gone too much ..why fake everything?you used to be a pretty little charmer ,there is a name in my country that we call people like her "mbulula"...FAKE...i say FAKE... 

to be continued ...i still haven't spitted everything...


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