Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Mystery Woman Who Charmed TB Joshua

Many myths surround Prophet Temitope Joshua, the youthful General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. When cynics are not raising questions about his source of supernatural powers, they are perpetually wondering what manner of man is he. Yet, the more
people seek to unravel or spin stories about this enigma, the more confused they

But apart from the astounding miracles that unfurl in the church every day, critics also never cease wondering if the man actually has any
marital life.

Yet, they sure know he is not a monk, even though like a monk, he is holed up in his religious commune, devoting his time and substance to prayer, solitude and contemplation. But today, we unveil that vital aspect of TB Joshua that you never knew or know very little about…

A bevy of ladies, very beautiful ladies, strut elegantly into the penthouse presidential suite at The Synagogue Church of All Nation s where The Spectator team is patiently waiting, and watching videos of some of the explosive miracles the church has witnessed in recent times. At this hour,
the team is watching the video of the special thanksgiving service held for the
brand new Ghanaian President, Professor John Atta Mills, on his recent
ascendancy to power.

When the door closes behind the ladies, the first thing you notice about Evelyn, the delectable wife of Prophet TB Joshua, the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, is her infectious radiance and unmistakable enthusiasm. Both attributes, even more, make her the most powerful, yet most adorable woman in the spiritual empire that her husband has built. An
empire which presidents, kings and queens, princes and princesses, and assorted
dignitaries from across the globe, routinely throng for their diverse spiritual

Yet, not many among the teeming parishioners, even in the outside world, know that this absolutely delightful woman is the moving force behind the world acclaimed, yet much vilified prophet – Temitope Joshua. “Apart from God,” quips one worshipper, her voice barely audible, “this woman is the next most powerful force behind Prophet TB Joshua. She is a workaholic. She is a
wonderful counsellor. She compliments her husband.”

Yet this self-effacing beauty carries none of these testimonials like a banner in the manner of some. Indeed, as the sultry lady struts into the suite, this cool afternoon, clad in a simple but colourful gown, she carries no emblem that usually typifies a powerful hand behind the throne.
Rather, from the shining beads of sweat on her temple, you would need no
soothsayer to tell you that the woman has been working herself to the bones.
Even as she sinks into a settee opposite the team, an aide still wants her to
attend to a detail.


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