Thursday, February 28, 2013

10 things to Notice about people who laugh a lot

★ツ 10 things I’ve noticed about people who laugh a lot from my personal experience..
1) They don’t age quickly - they actually look younger than their age.

2) Attract a lot of positive energy. When we feel good, we emit a powerful frequency that attracts back more good things.

3) Don’t usually take things to heart. E.g If you offend them, they don’t keep Malice. They just let things go, no grudges.

4) They will make you laugh even when you are sad. You just can’t help yourself. Sometimes, even when you have just had a good cry, when they come by, you’ll also have a very good laugh.

5) They are missed when they are not around. One day away from them would feel like one long week.

6) They are able to laugh at their mistakes and move on instead of being hard on themselves.As a teacher, if I write the wrong date on the white board in class and learners shout out to correct it. I smile and say “I was just checking you were all awake.”

7) Attract good opportunities first. They come to mind first. Example, for a nice new postion at work, or maybe someone has a holiday voucher / tickets they have no time to use. etc.

8) As they grow older, they have laughter lines – I don't call them wrinkles. (◕‿◕)

9) Tend to recover quickly from diseases. (Stress, bitterness, depression can actually make people develop tumours). In the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. (The Chapter - The Secret to Health) Two people shared a story. They both had terminal diseases and one of the things they did was to watch very funny movies. Within months they were cured from their diseases. (They were Cathy Goodman and Norman Cousins). Our mind/thoughts are so

10. There is one negative thing. It's not easy to tell when people who laugh a lot are hurting inside, as they cover up the pain with their laughter. So, we need to be very observant. Some people laugh a lot on the outside, but cry on the inside.


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