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Oscar Awards: Movies Which should Have Been The Real Nominees for the Best Picture

Oscar best picture Nominees,i don't even understand half of the movies in this list and the rest of the movies being with too much American pride.Imagine Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln and Argo, all about American triumphs. Its their Hollywood, so its okay for them to do what they desire. Down in Africa all i need is a movie with plenty of action scenes,laughs and adventure. We just tend to prefer movies like,Dark Night, Fast Five, The Expendables, The Hangover, Colombiana over weird things like No country for Old Men, Milk, A Tree of Life, A serious Man etc.....

I watched The Master, saw a little bit of good acting by Phoenix and off i found myself sleeping through out the whole movie. I just didn't understand it, though i heard the critics rate it highly.If I had to give my points to the acting it was without double thinking. Both of the characters are clear, easy, complex, surprising and outstanding in their interpretation.But when we try to understand what's the movie's message - there we fall asleep in the chair...Scrambling, confusing, bad edited and a the end I find myself with lots of wonderful scenes and amassing shots but without any glue to put them together and get a good movie.

Argo was merely pretty good. It didn't break new ground, wasn't daring, bold... it was just a decent, mildly entertaining movie. I'm disappointed that critics are almost universally declaring it the best movie of the year. What a boring pick! Yes the hostages did make it out alive - largely due to the efforts of the Canadian ambassador, who got short shrift in this movie. So the movie is not all that "true-to-life". Ah well, it is too much to expect an American to make a movie and not make an American the big hero, I guess. Zero Dark thirty is a miles better. Or maybe the critics were paid by the government to rate this movie that high...or maybe to get the Iranians thinking

 With Zero Dark Thirty Academy should reconsider their choice of films. Nothing in this justifies an award nomination. The characters lack depth, and the acting doesn't help either. Events in the movie are not presented in a coherent manner, leaving questions unanswered. The standpoint is quite one sided, as the director gives absolutely no insight on the "terrorists". However, the most important disadvantage of this movie, is the simplistic narrative, especially when it comes to the hunt itself. What is this film about? One woman's crusade to find and kill OBL. Why is she so determined? We don't know, we don't see any personal connection. She didn't volunteer, she was assigned. Why? Because she's a killer apparently - we only have by way of dialogue, we see nothing else to back that up, other than her determination to catch him. I didn't even see Osama on a film which was supposed to be about him

Lincoln has to win the Oscars for the most boring picture of the year. Have you ever gone to an art museum when the work of a famous painter comes to town? You enter with high expectations and patiently follow the slowly moving line to the showing. The first thing you notice when you finally enter the room is that most of the people seem to be in some state of rapture. You expectantly gaze at the artists work and suddenly realize that you don't get it. The paintings are devoid of meaning. That's how I felt entering the theatre to view this film. Lincoln was obviously one of the most significant leaders the US has ever had. How can a film about such a complex and divisive leader in his time be so blah? I pity the untold millions of kids that will be forced to sit through this coma-inducing hagiography once it comes out on DVD.

I wont talk about Django Unchained, i will write a book about it sometime in the future. You will really enjoy the film when you watch it but once you sit down and you start thinking about you will realize how controversial and disturbing it is. Many people down here like the movie and most think it should win the Oscars. And its probably one of the few we can manage to watch and enjoy from this list.

Ang lee is always amazing and his movies are rarely complex.Ang Lee has created a masterpiece in the world of cinema and this film will long be a very-memorable film due to the breathtaking cinematography and beautiful scenery. The film is far from a let down to the book, and in my opinion actually excels. 10/10, because it's exactly like the book, not a typical Hollywood adventure and I honestly can't flaw it. I wonder why critics don't even think it has a chance of winning

I haven't seen the rest of the movies in this academy award's list because i was too busy watching the real nominees for the best pictures....

 "End of Watch"

Here is one of the best police movies in recent years, a virtuoso joining of performances and often-startling action. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as Taylor and Zavala, two Los Angeles street cops who bend a few rules but must be acknowledged as heroes. After too many police movies about officers who essentially use their badges as licenses to run wild, it's inspiring to realize these men take their mission -- to serve and protect -- with such seriousness they're willing to risk their lives.



Washington plays Whip Whitaker, a veteran commercial airlines pilot who over the years has built up a shaky tolerance for quantities of alcohol and cocaine that would be lethal for most people. At the film opens, he's finishing an all-night party with a friendly flight attendant named Katerina (Nadine Velazquez), and jolts himself back into action with two lines of cocaine. Their flight takes off in an alarming rainstorm, and encounters the kind of turbulence that has the co-pilot crying out, "Oh, Lord!" But Whip powers them at high speed into an area of clear sky, before a mechanical malfunction sends the aircraft into an uncontrollable nose-dive.

"The Raid Redemption"

 My number one list action movie is The Matrix because it balanced the depth of the story with the action. Somewhere among the top list, there was also The Dark Knight for the same reason. However, when speaking only 'action', I used to choose a Hongkong movie, Flashpoint, starred by Donnie Yen. Before Flashpoint, I'll choose a Thailand movie, Ong Bak which launched Tony Jaa career internationally. Now, when I speak an action movie that speak for the action, I will choose an Indonesia movie, 'THE RAID'


Let me tell you that this is the best movie I've seen this year which is near the end. The worst thing about this movie is the critics which gave this movie such terrible reviews. This movie has it all. Great directing, writing, cinematography, great actors and much suspense. I was nervous all throughout the movie. I felt as if I was in front of the savages from the drug cartel. It's not your typical movie you're used to seeing from Oliver Stone. This movie was part Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Oliver Stone has stepped out of his comfort zone and took a risk at something out of the ordinary. I loved the movie. All of it. If you are a normal person and like adult content movies that include, hot beautiful talented actors, drugs, sex, violence and gore, you will love it too. I "IT'S ONLY A MOVIE! made to try and please everyone. Respect the director. He has earned it.











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