Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quit That Mental Slavery of Wanting to Marry that Old White Man

The Beautiful Young African Woman And The Old White Lover-A Sickening Trend?


Have you taken a quiet stroll through the priced restaurants in town on a good day or night? Have you been to the Slipway/Jagwani beach recently with your friends or family? Does this sound familiar?

Has anyone noticed the rising sickening trend Tanzanian women trying to bag a white old man to seal their status’ as societal ‘it women’?Most of whom are the most gorgeous ladies among their peers. Well I have noticed and wonder how they think low enough to cultivate this sort of idea and subsequently put it into practice.

I remember having a drink with my friend at ‘Medittaraneo’ and overhearing two ladies speaking behind me about white men. One of them was complaining about how uncomfortable she was in the midst of so many white men and her friend replied how happy she was because she liked to be checked out by white men. She said “I like places where there are a lot of white men because they have the money you know !!”

I almost rudely interrupted their conversation to school her. Tanzanian women, who are ignorant enough to think some of these white men actually give a damn about you, let me give you a rude awakening. Some of the white men around only want one thing from you and that is to use you as sexual toys. Their opinions about you haven’t changed since slavery days. You are their little slave they keep in the corner away from the eyes of the world.

Even when they marry you, it’s mostly because they want to make their business dealings easier in Tanzania or they keep you here in a 2 bedroom apartment and come visit every now and then for maybe 2 weeks a year.And send you some petty dollars once in awhile which changes for enough Shillings to compensate you while you toil away at the embassy waiting for a visa to his country that will never come.

Why? Have you asked yourself? The answer is simple. You will never be the ‘leading lady’. Ask your husband why you haven’t gotten a visa to even go visit him after you have been trying for 5/6 years?
Get some sense into your heads! You are not a part of his real life! His real life is out there. And you are out here!! It hurts very badly when I hear even educated women set their sights on landing a white man. Wake up! Most don’t care about you at all!

I need more African women to wise up and stop thinking a white man is an end to all their financial woes. Many Tanzanian men are even better off! Fact!!

I know several ladies who have married white men and later regretted it badly. Who told you there are no good Tanzanian men? The right Tanzanian man will treat you with respect and give you the right status. Why choose to be a holiday toy? This is my observation, what has been your observation or experience?

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  1. People should marry for love, not money, nor perceived prestige. If a young, Tanzanian woman genuinely loves an older, white man then they should be together. But it is important to know that that is true love. They should test their love and make sure they both love each other before getting married. The same is true for everyone getting married, yes?