Friday, June 29, 2012


This is what most of the citizens of Tanzania don't know,it has been a problem facing the country but it is all under the carpet,the Government has acted upon,but is it enough??Tanzania is a source,transit and destination country for women ,men and children for the purpose of forced labor and sex exploitation.
Man are trafficked to South Africa to work in mines,homes and some to become homosexual in different countries,Women and young girls are some taken to Oman,Europe,Middle East  and The Arab Emirates to become house girls , prostitutes and many other possible things.Few number of Somali Girls are received in Tanzania probably daily or monthly even yearly who knows..

just 2 days passed:
Dozens of dead Ethiopian immigrants were dumped on the side of a road in Tanzania after suffocating in a container truck along with many others who survived, in the second fatal human trafficking incident in the country this year.
Up to 45 bodies were dumped along a busy forest highway on Tuesday, and a further 72 were found alive and taken to hospital.
“I haven’t seen anything like this … There were so many bodies lined up along the road. People in passing vehicles were shocked at the sight,” said Dodoma resident Fatuma Amir.
“When the driver discovered that there were people dying, he decided to throw them in the forest and run away with his vehicle,” deputy home affairs minister Pereira Ame Silima said.
Residents in central Dodoma were the first to report the deaths because of a foul smell. The deceased were taken to the hospital in Dodoma city.
“It is extremely sad and unfortunate that people die by using wrong and self-torturing means to illegally transport themselves to other destinations,” Silima said.
Survivors told officers that while they were locked inside the vehicle they had screamed to the driver to stop after several people passed out due to the lack of air, said police chief Zelothe Stephen.
When the driver finally stopped, he ordered the migrants to dump the corpses and clean the truck, but then sped off leaving the Ethiopians behind in a remote area.
“A manhunt is going on for the driver of the lorry that abandoned the Ethiopian immigrants by the roadside,” said Luppy Kung’alo, a Tanzanian police spokesman.
The east African country is a major transit route for migrants, used by smugglers to ferry Somalis and Ethiopians to Europe, and as believed in this case, South Africa.
The truck was probably on its way to the south-western border with Zambia and Malawi, officials said. Illegal immigrants are often smuggled by truckers from Tanzania’s commercial capital Dar es Salaam to border towns.
Many immigrants pay agents between $3,000 and $4,000 to reach South Africa. The illegal trip passes through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi or Zambia, Zimbabwe or Botswana and then into South Africa. The shipping containers that the immigrants are crammed into can be changed several times before reaching South Africa.
In January, 20 Somali migrants suffocated to death as they were being smuggled in a cramped container truck through Tanzania. Their bodies were similarly dumped on the road.
At least 47 people thought to be illegal migrants from east Africa died when their boat capsized in a lake in neighboring Malawi last Friday.
Hundreds of thousands of Somalis have fled the lawless Horn of Africa country since the collapse of a formal government two decades ago, while crippling drought hit both Somalia and Ethiopia last year.
you can imagine how this business is run ,people make a lot of money  selling there fellow human beings,this reminds me of history classes where my teacher used to tell us about slave trade this a flashback?not only in Tanzania ,this business runs worldwide.The Media has tried all it can but its still on.
lets end sex trafficking,

 I KNOW several people who have been sexually violated in some way, shape or form. This is heinous, selfish and disgusting! THEY'RE KIDS!! I mean, they've barely lived life, yet their lives are being snatched away right before their precious little eyes. So seriously, something needs to be done. And all this money being funneled into this FILTH FEST, could be put to better use, especially in our world's economy right about now. Even if they were saved, they would probably have nightmares of their past life! The thing these kids need the most right now is love. If I could, I would cuddle them all, wrap them in my arms, let them cry on my chest, rock them to sleep, be there when they wake up in the night screaming, and wipe their tears away, but I can't... not alone. I can only pray that others are as outraged as me and that God's love will echo through my cries for their safety and restoration.. It was never intended for children to be held in captivity... WHY MUST THE CHILDREN SUFFER!!! God, I'm so pissed... oh and by the way, any MONSTROUS MUTANTS-OF-HUMANS who ever has, is or ever will lay their hands of these children... HOW COULD YOU!!! 1.2 million children? Four bright and shining eyes being dimmed every minute? HOW CAN WE LET THIS SLIP THROUGH OUR FINGERS!! How could these be our standards!!! I'm young myself... these are BABIES, my little sister's age!! They can't even defend themselves! They are being gagged by their youth! They can't speak up for themselves, so I WILL! It's sickening. Disgusting. Inhumane. Twisted. Evil. Heart-wrenching... save the children... save Your children...

Burn..Burn ...Burn...all the victims when are found...lets stop human trafficking ,sex trafficking. NGO'S ,Governments and Law enforcements should put more effort on finding people involved in this business.


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