Friday, June 29, 2012

BODA BODA GOOOO....(very dangerous)

 pppppprrrrrrrnnnnnhhhh.......boda boda gooo....hahahaha...i tend to love this name...for those who do not know what is a boda boda please follow me and get to know..Boda-boda (or bodaboda) also known as a Poda-Poda in some parts of Africa is a bicycle taxi or motor bike.The boda-boda taxis are part of the Africa bicycle culture; they started in the 1960s and 1970s and are still spreading from their origin on the Kenya - Tanzania -Uganda border to other regions. The name originated from a need to transport people across the "no-mans-land" between the border posts without the paperwork involved with using motor vehicles crossing the international border.

many people think that boda boda are only the motor bikes but the bicycle taxis are also known as boda boda ...
have a look at the image on your left thats a bicycle taxi...its one of major transport in countries like Uganda,Tanzania and Kenya...on my opinion this is a dangerous mean of transport.

Boda Boda are the fastest means of transport ,you can reach your destination on time but there the most dangerous things i have seen,i have witness several accidents that scare me to death.

look at the risk this man is taking ,carrying children and taking them to school,carrying more than three children ,what do you think will happen if they get an accident.

this s what will happen next,it has been a major problem now in Tanzania and other parts of Africa ...many youth are driving boda bodas as part of there employment ,some only learn how to ride them in two weeks and after they will be on the road.Some drivers use drugs and alcohol ,this also is a cause of many accidents.
ppppppprrrrrnnnnhhhh...kkkkrrrrrrr.....bbbuuuuuummmm...i got shocked it all happend very fast...the ground was covered with blood ..people yelling here and there,i had to move close an have a look...Oh God...a child,the mom and the driver...the child couldn't make it.. this happened at Mwenge ,Dar-es-salaam .
some times i blame the boda boda drivers of their carelessness.Its true there big part of this accidents but also we have insane car drivers who cause these accidents on purpose...pretending there in a hurry..the car driver was drunk ,his body was fuming alcohol,in a second i thought i was in a brew industry.he caused the accident.he killed the innocent child...

(this is not the image of the scene)

reckless boda boda drivers please slow down ,slow down and stop the accidents...,reckless car drivers stop stop your killing  tomorrows future, youth.....this is there employment..lets drive safe and stop them accidents.


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