Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Will Surely Miss You Kanumba

 OOH! How I loved Kanumba on the screen! He was wise, intelligent and hardworking! But he disappointed me for not being careful enough in taking care of his life! ...what was he doing with that small girl in the middle of the night?? A girl whose scandals have been selling papers for almost four years now? A girl whose parents had given up and who had quit school only at Secondary 2 and started enjoying life in clubs and city in corners?... Kanumba knew all these problems and how her parents got tired of her!!! Then he blindly allowed the whole him to get engalfed with this little Delilah and his life is now wasted.....Kanumba you have died soooo cheaply!!! In the middle of the night, killed by a little girl?!?! Phew! Kanumba REST, but you have not been fair to us your fans!!! And why fight out of jealousy?....Worse being jeaouls over a girl whom you knew too well that she belonged to any good looking man??? Or you thought you could change her??... My dearshe was aleady emersed in the oblivion of....! Kanumba jealous over a relationship that you could not make it public???? Why be in a relationship that you cant be proud of??? Aaayi! Kanumba! Rest in peace but...what a waste?.... Look now! You are dead and your secret love affair with a small girl who denied publicly on a TV interview to be dating you....just a week ago is now open!! Well, I am not judging you or Lulu, but the truth will free us, so we shall vomit it!!....God is never happy when such a young life is wasted! let us not heap everything on God, not even our own irresponsibility....As for Men and women who are still alive....please let us be careful with emotions...especially those surrounding the stupid game that troubles the whole world..."LOVE AFFAIR!"... Kanumba REST, REST, REST!!! I liked every movie you acted!


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