Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Illuminati!! Fact or Fiction

JUST who are the Illuminati? Does such an organization, or sect, or body of individuals, or grouping, actually exist? Does history or factual citation, records of registry, actually show them to be what today’s myth claims them to be?

And what about the rumours that abound today about a world of puppet masters that control everything from the price of bread to the name of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby girl? Who are the Illuminati?

The organisation known as the Illuminati actually does have a record of historical existence. The first known record of this organisation was as an order, which, quite frankly, is a fancy way of saying it was a loosely structured association of sorts, since the term ‘order’ does not have much structural or legal relevance today.

This order was made up of five men, who came together in 1776 in Upper Bavaria to share interests that borrowed from the age of enlightenment that was the in-thing then. Enlightenment here is key as the name Illuminati itself comes from the word illumination.

At the time, freethinking (which is making a powerful come-back in the age of the Internet and social media) was also rapidly gaining ground and the organisation, which was initially led by a university professor named Adam Weishaupt, almost by default based itself at the University of Ingolstadt.

The pursuit of intellectualism, rational thought, freethinking and science was what the original Illuminati prided it self in intellectualism was all the rage at the time and a lot of with the Illuminati. The original Illuminati This adaptation was obviously important because the pursuit of Church.

It is against this backdrop that the Illuminati’s position and examined. They were an organisation that sought to control the world. Now they do! As Dennis Asiimwe found out Tupac Shakur was also linked with Illuminati Rihanna after the release of her Rated R album people found it fashionable to associate themselves took on the operational and structural set up of an earlier order, the Free Masons, one that included secrecy, a vow to follow the ways of the order and had an honourary system that was based on one’s education, particularly degrees achieved at university level. intellectualism put them in direct con ict with another established institution, the speculation about its make up can today

Publicly, the Illuminati of today are rather di erent. From an order, whose interest was the pursuit of intellectual excellence and free thought, you have one that is perceived to run the world, manage the ow of information and if you want to believe some of the religious conservatives and slightly hysterical sci- websites, is run by representatives of the devil and an alien race, sometimes simultaneously.

This sudden switch in perception is mind-boggling, until you understand that within today’s environment are certain factors that play a role, some of them new, and some of them pretty consistent with recent conspiracy theories of the same ilk.

First, there is the recognition that world governments are not really what they seem. There is nothing new to this. There has always been a power behind the throne, in uence peddlers if you will, even if you decided to use the Bible’s Old Testament as a record.

But it follows that it is more likely that these interests are - nancial, military or even social. It really does not have to be some secret organisation whose actual existence in its original form may have faded with time. Second, the idea of the use of popular culture to propagate a dark agenda is just as old.

Today, the hip-hop and pop genres is rife with rumours of support and control from this shady organisation, with the afore-mentioned Jay – Z, Whitney Houston and even Michael Jackson listed as having been somehow influenced by the organization.
Fifteen years ago, this same assertion was made of the rock music genre, which sounds rather too convenient. The third and probably most telling, is the power of modern-day Christianity. In an increasingly cynical world, the Church needs a boogeyman. It is no wonder that the Illuminati offer a convenient and darkly malevolent figure for what ails the world


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