Friday, March 30, 2012

Ugandan women trapped in Malaysia by prostitution rings

After being arrested for allegedly engaging in prostitution in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, more than 40 Ugandan girls are stranded in Malaysian prisons.
This was reveled by MPs who had gone to Malaysia to assess the situation in which Ugandans are living.
The group of MPs  which was led by Ssembabule Woman MP Anifa Kawooya said they met dozens of Ugandan girls in crowded prisons.
Their travel was authorized by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga after it was claimed that 600 Ugandan girls were rotting in Malaysian prisons.
MP Kawooya said : “We only found 40 girls in jail. They requested us to ask the government to intervene such that they can serve their sentence in Ugandan jails. The rest of the girls are unaccounted for.”
“These girls were duped that they were going to study but when they reached Malaysia, their passports were taken away,” she added.
It is said that girls were trafficked out of the country by a syndicate of Nigeria pimps.
“We established that there is a group of Nigerians trafficking these girls to Malaysia. One of the culprits was arrested and she is in jail.They told us that their masters demand $400 per night and that they were arrested vending sex on streets.” Said Kawooya.
Some Ugandans were arrested over drugs.
Many Ugandans are being ferried out of the country after being promised jobs to work as maids, security guards among others to countries like UAE, Dubai, Malaysia and Qatar.


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