Monday, August 25, 2014


Inevitably it is, and so shall it be. THE NEW WORLD ORDER has been in place for several decades now. We are all part of it, believe it or not. The uniform laws in place, world political reforms that have been witnessed by many of us, the world financial systems, religious singularity and many more are crucial wheels towards achieving this climax.
We cant deny the optical impacts of this system, we see laws being consolidated, monetary unification and religious singularity. All these have been shaped, with master minds and men of visions. It was only an imagination then, and it seemed utopian to attain but what's more powerful than imagination? even knowledge cannot overpower it, for every reality starts with imagination. Who would have believed a hundred years ago that mankind would walk on the moon, that space tourism would be as touring a national park or a museum? all this great change is by the power of imagination.
What is to be attained is far more greater than globalization, its far more than internet, its far more than United Nations. We are in the quest for one world government making the world not only as a village but as one family. This is a turning point of mankind's history, having attained a total control of resources, total control of environment which is the crucial vehicle towards global advancement.
Africa is part of this and so every one else. To deny it is fooling oneself its better to face the reality and shape the system to suite our needs. Positives things can be adopted from all parts, from all jurisdictions, from all legal systems. This will shape our weaknesses and enhance our energies seeing things from different angles and so making the right decisions and correct judgements towards one another with fairness, love and equality at the highest level, this is total liberation, total democracy.
What we need as Africa is transformative leaders, leaders who are willing for a transformation, leaders who are determined to the end. For the end is only the beginning, and a new course shall take place, better, stronger and more advanced than the former.
By Oscar O. Mutaitina,
LL.B (Finalist) at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi
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