Thursday, September 19, 2013

My favorite Kenyan Dj's..

Well known as disc jockey...Dj's are very important catalysts to our outings ...there several Dj's in Kenya that make me dance to the ground...visited several night clubs in Kenya and i happen to feel the mixing ...when it comes to revelry the following are my favorite Dj's..

  1. Dj Joe Mfalme

Joseph Mwenda AKA Dj Joe Mfalme ,is one of the most loved Deejays in Kenya,he brings a big name to the capital FM radio,is one of the most ill deejays,his mixes make every one want to dance...speak of any genre is at his finger tips,may it be reggae,dance hall,hip hop,Bongo flava,Genge..This has made him a versatile and all rounded Dj who can play for different ages, occasions and backgrounds. his in for anything to satisfy the crowd..

2.Dj Hypnotiq


Have you watched Kiss TV before,if yes am sure you Know the man behind live on Blast..who else than our favorite chap Dj Hypnotiq ,the lad with unique mixes ,This guy has mad sets, Switching from local to international mixes with such ease..For those who watched big brother the chase can say something.

3.Dj kriss Darlin

I am a big fun of reggae and dance hall,and Dj kriss darlin inspired me..his mix are untouchable and they sure quench a thirst of a safaras .He has his show on K24 and its deadly fantastic ...his itchy fingers are blessed ..having no dreads isn't a problem you can just swing your head when he mixes...Superb mseeee!!

4.Dj Nruff


Dj Nruff is compared to Dj khaleed's version ,in Tanzania we just have some Dj almost with similar version "Mr appetite" (Dj Choka)...why ? its because Nruff not only mixes ,he also sings and rap..this chap is the big reason most Kenyans listen to Easy FM...

5.Dj Creme


leaving out Dj Creme is a crime.. Perhaps my best...uyu musee..has a proper eye to the crowd ..he knows what revelry is want real fun visit changes or Galileos ..Channel O trust this guy to let him do Basement..his ill!!!!...wachaaa..


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