Saturday, September 14, 2013

Do You Think About Sex On The First Date?


Courtesy: Andrew Onyango

 This article mostly makes sense if read by a guy. If any women are reading this then imagine you have testicles. Are you imagining? Stop scratching! Now let's go on...

I read an article this morning about how many people have had or have considered having sex on the first date. Percentages were thrown out but because I don't like math, I ignored them. But basically it came down to half the number of people who were interviewed saying that sex is available on the first date. Some had given up the biscuit on the first date while others were a bit more conservative about sharing. People feel a little guilty for thinking about sex on a first date and I ask why. The purpose of a first date is to indulge sexual fantasies.

I have been single for a few months now and as I ease back into "the game", I find that I learn absolutely nothing about anyone on the first date. I am usually staring at her boobs. Why? Well, for starters I am a pig. But in addition, on the first date all that conversation is hitting a mental brick wall built by the question, "Would I hit that?". And if you have been on a date with me in the last three months... The answer is "Yes".

Women know this too. Note, on a first date most women "dress to kill". Meaning they are dressed to steer your fantasy train in the right direction. That cleavage she is sporting is not an accident. She could have worn a sweater if she wanted. She wants you to think of her as a viable oven to bake your buns in (children). So she will wow you with a good physical first impression.

There's no shame in it. This is the purpose of the first date. Sizing each other up physically. Sure, some clever things may be uttered here and there. She may say something about Sin City's artistic style which makes you realize you have an intellectual on your hands. But that is not likely if she is "dressed to kill". Nerdy smart women are seldom vain enough to get dolled up.

Power through politely and get to date number two. This one is perfect for all the chatter boxing because the initial effect of her sexiness has worn off and as such you take her more seriously. It's true, ever notice how it gets easier to talk to women the deeper into the relationship you go? It isn't "getting bored" as most people believe. It is actually because you are no longer mesmerized by the bouncy things on her chest. Well... Not as much anymore.

Note, at NO point did I advise anyone to have sex on the first date. I just said you should indulge your sexual fantasies. In fact, if I had my way, first dates would just be two people meeting in an empty, well lit room with whitewashed walls where they can visually examine each other for two hours.  

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