Friday, September 20, 2013

My Dream City Barcelona.

Do you have a dream city? Is your dream city, in fact, Barcelona?

 Barcelona is one of the first tourist destinations of Spain because it has the oldest history in other European cities. Barcelona has many impressive buildings with styles from the gothic to the modernism.
When I visit Barcelona, first of all i would want to visit church of Sagrada Famillia . The Temple is Gaudi's most famous work and the finest example of his visionary genius. Gaudi was a pioneer in his field in using color, texture, and movement in ways never before imagined. Gaudi became obsessed with the church to the point that not only did he focus all of his creative energies into it. La Ramblas is the most famous street in Barcelona . The street never sleeps and is always crowded. The street has colorful shops , cafes and structures. The Statue of Christopher Colombus, the symbol of Barcelona is something i wouldn't miss to see.

So i did a little research on the natives. Spanish people like eating and drinking so much , they have breakfast twice a day. Spain is a mediterran counrty that eat bread and olive oil at breakfast. After the first breakfast, they have a second breakfast between 10 and 11 a .m. They prefer to eat sandwich with sousage or cheese and omlet with potato that is called tortilla a la espanola and drink fruit juice or coffee.
I met this Italian woman once and she told me I don't need to think where or which place i can go, that I can spend wonderful nights with flamenco music show in the streets. Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music and dance from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It includes cante (singing) and toque (guitar playing). There are also some underground clubs. 

At night time there are more people compared to the daylight because Spanish people love night life very much.  Barcelona... Ooh I wish to see you one day!


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