Wednesday, January 23, 2013


May it be the Apple that Adam ate and the convincing power Eve had to manipulate his mind,is it a big reason why there is a lot of cheating in relationships?

My friend Anita had to ask me a question that i clearly never had the answer to it at the spot and ended up saying "i don't know",She asked me why man Cheat? sincerely i was about to answer her rudely by forwarding back the message to her as to why women cheat"? but i swallowed my pride and may it not be point of argue..

Answering her question,One:
There must be a woman willing to cheat with him (that's easy). Two. He must give in to temptation. That's it. It has nothing to do with him not loving his girlfriend/spouse. It has nothing to do with him not being "a real man". It has nothing to do with having "mommy" issues as a young boy or being intimidated by "his woman". It simply boils down to opportunity and a willing participant.

Finding a woman that will sleep with a man in a committed relationship is as easy as finding a whore in a whore house. Again, that's easy. Now hoping he has the self control and discipline not to cheat - well that's where things get a little sticky. We've all heard the stats about how many times a day a man thinks about sex. Well these days he doesn't have to "think" at all. It’s right there - ALL DAY - 24/7 - 365. Apps, profile pics, free porn sites, viral videos, forwarded pics from his boys. You name it; he's seen it - 3, 4, 500 times over. It doesn't take a lot to stimulate a man sexually. That's how we are wired. Now multiply that urge by a barrage of non-stop stimulating access. 

The one thing that i surely hate is to why girls/lady's act so nonpareil ,they will always drop that blame on man,having conversations with my lads has helped ,most of the times the girls will sigh and say we men are number one players,i deny it ..everyone can cheat a lady or a man..

Now let me be clear - WOMEN REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF SEX AND WHAT "NEW" SEX MEANS TO MEN.This is why women always internalize the cheating whether  they admit it or not.

OK, ladies, you don't get the "sex" thing but for the love of your relationship please stop discounting how important it is to YOUR MAN. Try this. Take whatever your thing is may it be your purse, What if you could get the LV "Never Full Bag" in every color and size, any time you wanted it; and at a discounted rate? (just an example – Louis doesn’t discount). That description alone is orgasmic. Apply your "thing" and multiply it by 1 trillion. That is how much your man (and any other man) loves, needs and wants sex. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a mate that understands and accepts the responsibility of accountability. Seeking out traits in a man that identify his strengths in the face of adversity wouldn't be a bad start. No man is exempt from temptation but a man who can see it coming from a mile away and remove himself as the objective is on the right track. Recognizing it’s the over-lay for the under-play – PRICELESS!

Once you have him the best thing you can do is equip him so that he is prepared when he goes into the jungle. To prepare him you must embrace the 4 F's - Feed him, F*#@ him, be Faithful to him and shut the F#@ up sometimes. This still doesn't guarantee that he won’t cheat but it will make him think twice before he gives up what he has with you for some random broad that was able to stroke his ego during a weak moment.

 My sisters don't just sit their and complain men cheat a lot,of course if you are not prepared enough the war is right there,flexibility isn't needed.

You  have damaged the game beyond repair. The advice above is for sisters who love and respect their men and need a heads up about these broads ,Send your man out to do battle prepared,do your thing and he will never take you for granted but i repeat it depends on your skills and i don't guarantee he wont cheat..You are in the field use all possible tactics to win him rather than being pessimistic and saying all man are from one mothers womb ,your sarcastic word of referring as us all being players..


  1. Though men tend to cheat their lover, some ladies prefer to trust them as they love their husband and don't wan to broke the good relationship.

  2. True that..thanks for reading..keep following