Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have always been looking of a better way to express my feelings on this coated matter,recently i got motivated after reading one of the posts and right then i decided to post my opinions..
For those living in my country are much aware on the above photo,common posters that we daily see at our front yards ,streets and even besides our offices.

The posters depict the work of some traditional healers in Tanzania,they use different strategies to market themselves,their banners are well written and they will just put that one thing that will attract the readers,a good example is a picture of an aberrant woman with hips and words that are sugar coated defending their services. 

Traditional healers  (also called waganga or sangoma) are practitioners of traditional  medicine, They fulfill different social and political roles in the community, including divination, healing physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses, directing birth or death rituals, finding lost cattle, protecting warriors, counteracting witches, and narrating the history, cosmology, and myths of their tradition.. This may take many forms, depending on cultural context.

 They have many names ,we call them "waganga",others call them sangoma , Kalumanzila , Inyanga and more funny names that will definitely disturb your subconscious mind,one of this days i was listening to a local radio and they asked if one would believe on this traditional healers?

I cant focus on calling them fake,though there some fake healers ...i would categories them into two ..the conman and the real Dr.Ukombozi..

There is definitely something fishy about some of the healers ,the fact that i have moved around Dar-es-salaam and studied different posters hanged on trees and walls that describe the works of the traditional healers it gives me goosebumps because non of the posters i have read states a healer from the particular town,they are all not from Dar-es-salaam,many from towns which are far and countries like Malawi and Nigeria,speaking of Nigeria whenever i see the posters they remind me of the Nigerian witchcraft films..

Believing or not believing isn't the point here what makes me think they can be believed is that the miti shamba (traditional herbs) that they prescribe are the cornerstone of the modern form of medicine,what makes most Sangoma differ isn't the power or the magic thing they have,they only differ because we have the conman and the real Sangoma's ..

I have heard from my lads that the most disease this healers tend to cure is sexual drive increment ,and others get better, i almost got a punch after i bawled that this healers are nothing but thieves and conman ..my pal defended them at least the whole day,saying that this Sangoma's know what they are doing..i couldn't argue much ..my mind led me to think its only because he hasn't met the Conman  .

My question comes, do they even have the permit to conduct all this adacadabraz? I was glad that one of my pals visited the so called Dr. Sangoma's and he finally got the woman he has always wet pants for, but its saddening to hear of an event that recently brought much attention to my country,an incidence of two lovers that happen to be one is married already but she couldn't stop vagabonding  and there they went stacking in each others intercourse.

I wouldn't mind them conducting their services but at least they should get authorization from the government and there medicines should at least be reviewed by the standard bureau ,i hate to believe they can cure but i get to hear they do good...but i still leave the unsolved question to you ..would you visit a traditional healer a.k.a Sangoma?



  1. It is very interesting in your country that many healers do this, I never saw this in my country. Just some game players will write their achievements on board to show off with their runescape account name.

  2. It surely is...Thanks for reading...