Saturday, January 19, 2013


The late night calls,the hours we spend on Skype communicating to our loved ones that are quite 1000 miles away from us ,trying to make the relationships solid day by day and yet for some it works out and some end up sniveling.

long-distance relationship is typically an intimate relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by a considerable distance, the distance might be due to work,studies,vacation and so may other inevitable causes.

There many things that might build up or destroy a long distance relationship,the fact that you cant get to see your lover everyday is already a problem.For men it surely affects them because among the most thing they need is being bugged by their lovers,the everyday sex at the Sofa or may it be the kitchen or just by that comfortable Mercedes seat, and yet their is a blockage because the person to do all this is 1000 miles away,and that might already be the number one reason of a relationship to fade.

For a woman it will surely disturb her more since she is the master of mood swings and and the queen of wanting to be cared of,the problem will start when she wants you at that moment and you are far,the outings with friends will probably hurt her since all of her friends will have their superman beside them and she will miss her fiances company..the stories her friends will be telling her on how their boyfriends chop their money buying them the Victoria secret's lingerie's and vacations to luxurious places ,this will lead  her to loose the courage and the benevolence..this is when the communication will start blaring and the versatility in her will be revealed..

I have heard of several complains from my lads that this LDR are so cost full ,the fact that you have to be recharging your handset some big pounds daily in order to communicate irritates ,one told me she has to visit the internet cafe daily so that she could call the fiance , and Jacob told me he has to get a smart phone so that he can get the necessary apps to communicate to her baby mama... Well this friends of mine have to know that relationships are always expensive no matter short or long distance,in order to please the one you love you have to commit yourself and do all that is necessary  to please them.

Some thing else that can easily kill the LDR is Fear ,we carry the fear in us ,we ask ourselves questions that aesthetically are pessimistic ,we tend to forget that our mouth can create all bad that we say...most fears are "what if she is cheating?" "what if he gets tired of waiting?" "is she lonely?" "what if she gets somebody else?"
All that we fear can take advantage on us and frighten us to death,have we forgotten that?? Instead of wasting your time being pessimistic try using the moment telling your lover how much you miss them and how much you miss them cuddling you..

At the same time long distance relationships help us,they build one to be strong and makes you grow much better knowing how LDR can be,you can never compare a couple in Long distance relation to a couple that is in short distance.It also builds up appreciation when you are with somebody its easy to take them for granted ,but when one is far there is this kind of respect that we show them and taking them for granted is a myth.
Yes loneliness might be there but its some how cool ,it makes you miss the one you love,it helps because once you get the opportunity to see your partner you wont want to let go of them.

And by the way long distance relationships can be cool since you strengthen emotion bond ,today's relationships are all about having sex,if i want to prove how much i love my girl i have to pump three fifties on her at bed and that's when she will say "i love you baby" being far helps on not riding your partner too much and she will ardently wait for that day when your back.. It also helps to test if your partner really loves you...

On my point of view i think distance between two amors isn't an obstacle,commitment,trust and communication is the key to start the engine of long distance relationships...lets just be armed with patience and just send those loving words and telling each other "lets meet in our dreams".

Are you in one?


  1. Even though you are in love with each other by a long distance, but I don't think it is suitable for me, I feel lonely if my girl friend is far away from me and become less interested after a few months. So I am envious of you guys, great!

  2. I would have said it were unsuitable for me before I met the one I'm in the LDR with. I can wait for my love, just not forever. There needs to come a time to close the distance. xo

  3. Sure thing..but if you truly love them worth the wait...