Thursday, November 14, 2013



This is for the LEFT handed man whose LEFT rib
i suppose created a LEFTY Eve,

for the LEFT handed poet
whose pen found the pages
'LEFT blank' and wrote verses that LEFT us inspired

for the LEFT handers who have LEFT earth
But their 'LEFT legacies' still live on
for they lived their lives the right way,

This is for the LEFT handed boxer
whose left hook LEFT his opponent
Lying down the ring floor

For the LEFT handed painters
like Davinci and Michelangelo
who have gone
but LEFT paintings that still glow

I wrote this with my LEFT hand
For the LEFTY man
who want to marry a LEFTY lady,
have LEFTY kids
And create a LEFTY trinity that
he is yearning for,

I wrote it for the LEFT handed kids
who were LEFT scared
when told the devil uses a LEFT hand

For the LEFT handers
who were born LEFT handed on planet earth
living with right handed people
who think with their LEFT brain

I too was born LEFT handed
but LEFT stranded,
had to lean on my mother's LEFT shoulder,
And she raised a LEFTY soldier
I salute her with my LEFT hand

So I wrote this with my LEFT hand
for all the LEFT handers
living on planet earth
doing everything in a LEFT way,
to the melodious beats of the heart
in our LEFT chest 

until we kick the bucket
I suppose with our LEFT leg. 

Nelson Allen Jr.  nel-sonofAfrica 2013

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