Monday, October 28, 2013

The BoringTusker Project Fame

Sunday evenings are usually boring, i spend most of my time recovering from the weekend damage caused by the amazing Tusker lager. And part of my heeling is listening to good music. When i heard Tusker Project Fame was coming back for season 6, I thought i had something to look forward to.

In this season’s Tusker Project Fame, the contestants are terrible. Really, I don’t know whether to blame the sound system or their voices. I blame the judges, those who were traveling the region in search of East Africa’s next big music act. I don't believe this is the best talent they can find in East Africa.

Granted, their performances aren’t doing it for me but the sound system needs more work. Surely there must better microphones in the worldwide market? Ones that don’t look like they were plucked out from the local church?

And at times those coaches go on and praise this guys who choose complex songs and can't even deliver. Judges, Ian and Hermy try to give honest opinions but at times the singing from all the contestants is so bad, forcing them to just give positive comments.

I know, this show helps in strengthening the bond of East Africans, but seriously it looks like a joke. I just can't handle watching this thing on TV. By the way,where did the previous winners go?


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