Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hopeful Futures:

Hopeful Futures Foundation” Dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, economic and social development programs.

HFF is an international educational NGO registered both in the United Kingdom and Tanzania. It was founded in September, 2009. Seeing the lack of educational level in several institutions of Tanzania, Anike Lawal created Hopeful Futures Foundation, an educational NGO, which would help children in need. The organization aims to ensure equal access to quality education for all disadvantaged youth by increasing enrollment, quality of learning, and the number of programs available. Hopeful Futures collaborates closely with local and national government, communities, parents and volunteers. The work of Hopeful Futures includes implementing Education, Health Care and Economic and Social Development programs.
. “Hopeful Futures” Educational NGO currently implements 3 projects pre-school program, recycling program and  English learning center.

HFF is concerned with young children’s overall development and therefore promotes and implements a holistic approach including education, health, nutrition and economic sustainability:
  • Believes that the growth and development of a child depends upon his parents and therefore actively highlights empowerment of parents especially mother’s capacity to support them, to support their children.
  • Gives high priority to participating approach, involvement of community in all process of development and decision-making, therefore actively promoted the need based programmes, which are initiated by the community for development.
  • Also believes in creating people’s institution and local strength for sustainable development and therefore provides encouragement and skill training for building up local organizations, leadership capacity of resources and working in solidarity with networking.
Moreover, concentrating on the development of young children and their environment will have a preventing and lasting effect and will generate sustainable benefits.

Hopeful Futures focuses its resources on helping children and young people, ages 3-24, from rural communities in Africa. Students come from impoverished homes that work in agriculture to make less than 1.25 USD a day. The children and young people who are being helped are often orphans or have only one parent due to HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other killing diseases.

Hopeful Futures Foundation has a school for 130 children in preschool up to form 1. These children are provided with education, two nutritious meals a day, and health services at no cost.

"We are setting up schools in Nigeria and Senegal.
We believe in using innovative methods to provide free education to as many children as possible."

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