These rules basically tell you how to choose a suit, wear a suit and best of all – look fan-fucking-tastic in a suit (Try and restrain yourself ladies).

1. It’s all about BALANCE.

2.Need to look old school or new school?!

3. Pocket squares add an extra level of polish, but make sure it doesn’t match your tie in either pattern or fabric choice.

4. When buying an off-the-rack suit, the number one thing to check is how the shoulders fit.

5. A collar gap between your jacket’s lapels and your shirt’s collar can signify an ill-fitting jacket.

6. Opt for a charcoal or gray suit over black, unless you’re attending a funeral.

Dark gray is more versatile and goes with more colors.

7. Your belt should be fairly thin and the same color as your shoes. Belts are not entirely necessary though. But it gives an extra umpf! 

8. You should match your shoes to the color of your suit carefully.

9. Double vents in the back are more modern and fashionable.

This look is also more flattering for larger figures, and it gives you enough room to do that effortlessly casual “hand in pocket” pose.

10. For a more casual, trendy look, opt for a single-button peak-lapel jacket.

11. If you’re going for more formal business attire, opt for a double-button, notched lapel jacket.

12. Always unbutton your suit before sitting down, or you risk ruining it. 

Might as well drop the suit if you don’t..

13. If you’re wearing a vest, always keep the bottom button unbuttoned.

This is the only of the 27 rules you can look past and still look awesome!

14. Sleeve cuffs should be exposed about 1/2 an inch.

For a harmonious look, try to match the visible cuff length to the amount of collar that is visible at the back of the neck.

15. Make sure that your socks are long enough that there’s no exposed leg when sitting down.

No one needs to see your hairy gams.

16. Your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt.

Try to avoid screaming colors. They don’t blend as well.

17.The suit jacket should be just long enough to cover your pants zipper and butt.

18. Your tie should JUST reach the waistband of your trousers, or be slightly shorter.

19. If you sweat a lot, wear an undershirt.

Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought.

20. Finally, go for the dimple.

              Thank you for reading